Career Considerations for Structural Engineering Students

Career Considerations for Structural Engineering Students

When it comes to the built environment, structural engineers play an important role. From water processing plants to bridges to high-rise buildings, these engineers employ their knowledge of statics, structural analysis and building materials to create designs that are safe and structurally sound. Are you studying civil engineering and considering structural design? Here are some career options to consider.


While many people associate architects with the design of buildings, structural engineers play an important function in this field. Architects deal primarily with the appearance and function of a building, but they hire and/or work with designers who make sure these facilities are designed according to governing codes. Architectural projects involve a number of different building materials, including concrete, steel, masonry and wood. A structural engineer will need to be knowledgeable and experienced in various types of building materials.


When structural problems are detected in built facilities, structural engineers are often hired to investigate the source of the problem. An engineer with this experience is called on to determine whether the problems originated in design, construction or materials. You might be called on to provide expert testimony in a lawsuit due to structural issues Philadelphia PA, for example.


Bridges play an important role in the development of roads, highways and railways. When there’s a road or body of water that needs to be crossed, a bridge must be designed and detailed. Structural engineers are responsible for calculating the loads and determining the size of support members in the foundation and main bridge structure. Knowledge of bridge types, live loading and geotechnical engineering are important skills for a bridge engineer.

Structural engineering is a foundational component of infrastructure and buildings. Society depends on these engineers to make sure built facilities are safe and designed for real world conditions. There are many career options for structural designers in addition to the options presented here.

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