How To Create a Unique Design for Your Dining Room

How To Create a Unique Design for Your Dining Room

It is an exciting time for interior design. Following the rise of HGTV and the Magnolia brand, DIY’ers have more inspiration than they could ever imagine. People who have never had a professional interest in home decor are now accurately using words like feng shui and bespoke. However, with so many homeowners following the same trends, individuality can be hard to find.

For many, the dining room is mostly used for entertaining. This entertainment space must be functional enough to handle a diner party, and interesting enough to inspire conversations. It should be a reflection of you, which is difficult to accomplish when it looks like everyone else’s. Here are some ways to inject personality into your dining room no matter the style.

Custom Dining Table

The table is the central element in any dining room design. All the action takes place around it. Instead of buying a table off the floor of a furniture store or from a popular online website, have one built specifically for your space. Not only will it be unique, but you can choose any size you desire. Professional woodworking Wisconsin services are not as expensive as most people think. Woodworkers can blend your style and preferences to make you the ideal table.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall gives you the opportunity to display the things you love, whether that’s your family, pets or a hobby. Look online for easy directions on how to create one. Don’t be limited by using only pictures. If you love music, mount a record on the wall. If you enjoy ice skating, hang a pair of antique skates from a hook. You can use any color scheme you chose and inject some personality into the room.

Contrasting Elements

A good design is balanced and visually interesting. The easiest way to pull this off is by purposely including contrasting elements. You can do this with colors or with textures. If your dining room has mostly neutral colors, then add bold colored pillows or art. If you have a smooth modern room, then incorporate rough natural elements in the centerpiece. 

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