4 Timeless Tips for Home Decor

4 Timeless Tips for Home Decor

Decor trends may come and go, but some things are interior design mainstays. Even trendsetters can benefit from a little bit of tradition. Find out what styles you can keep in your home for decades because they’ll never go out of fashion.


Antiques are a traditional part of interior design. Some say they’ve been a part of decor since the Renaissance. Regardless, they’re still something you can trust will be popular for a long time to come. Different antiques may go in and out of mode, but popularity likely resurges at some point. If you can’t afford the real deal, consider getting the look without the cost. For example, you can still purchase French living room furniture that’s reminiscent of 18th-century Provencal styles. 

Clawfoot Tubs

Since they were introduced in the 1800s, clawfoot bathtubs have had a place in home decor. In fact, back then, only the very wealthy could afford a clawfoot tub. Even today they’re considered a luxury item. They’re durable, and they can be considered an antique if you restore one back to its original condition. Plus, unlike some bathroom trends, the clawfoot tub won’t be outdated by the time you want to resale your home. Incidentally, they’re a great way to relax after a long day.

Neutral Colors

Transforming a room in your home can be as easy as putting on a new coat of paint. However, if you want to make sure you choose versatile colors, go for neutral tones. Not only are neutral colors compatible with a range of decor styles, but they’re also the most popular in decor trends over time. So, if you’re someone who likes to follow home decor trends, but you don’t want to repaint every time you buy new furniture, neutral colors are probably your best best.

Built-In Features

Permanent architectural features seem to be consistently popular over time. For example, adding built-in cabinets or shelves can even increase a home’s resale value. Smaller homes really benefit from this design addition. Space can be conserved with built-in drawers, cabinets or shelves, making more room for entertaining family and friends. If you’re considering hopping on the tiny home trend, think about how you can add similar features to your design. 

Tradition and Innovation

Trends and traditions can coexist in home decor. You just have to know what’s compatible. Consider blending new and classic the next time you’re doing some redecorating.

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