Essential Home Maintenance Tasks To Complete Every Year

Taking good care of your home can help ensure it functions well, keeps you comfortable and increases in value over time. There are numerous categories of home maintenance that are important. Some require frequent attention, but others only need to be completed once a year. Here are some of the most vital yearly maintenance tasks to place on your list.

1. Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Your air conditioner works hard during the summer months, and a tune-up service can help reduce the chance of problems during times of continual operation. When you schedule an annual maintenance appointment with an air conditioning magnolia tx professional, he or she can check for repairs, modify settings for optimal performance and change air filters.

2. Pressure Washing

You may not notice how your home’s siding builds up debris and dust over time, but chances are you will notice a significant difference after pressure washing the exterior. Pressure washing can effectively clean dirt and dust off your siding, improving the appearance of your home and reducing the chances of long-term damage from caked-on debris. A pressure washer can also be an excellent tool for cleaning your deck, driveway and concrete walkways.

3. Gutter Cleaning

Your home’s rain gutters are designed to move rainwater and snowmelt from your roof to the correct drainage systems. However, gutters can easily get clogged with leaves, twigs and other debris, making them unable to drain water effectively. Clogged rain gutters can cause rain to leak off the sides of your roof. By cleaning your gutters every year, you can reduce the chances of flooding in your yard and potential damage to your foundation.

Most annual maintenance tasks don’t require a significant investment of time or money, but they can have long-term benefits. Cleaning your gutters, pressure washing your siding and scheduling a tune-up service for your air conditioner can ensure your home looks great and functions well all year long.

How to OTW: Beginners Guide on How to Paint with Watercolors

Everybody is capable of finding out how to paint using watercolor. Watercolor is a medium of paint that adds life to the painting. It is a fascinating medium of painting art; it’s like dancing with both your partner together with a stranger, but it is difficult to master. Another factor why some artists use watercolor in painting is it is easy to correct any mistakes and learning how and when to correct these mistakes are equally significant. 

If you are a beginner, here are some watercolor painting tips. The first thing that you must do is to purchase the basic watercolor painting materials.


You need to lean and understand more about watercolors. Once you have learned the basics of watercolor painting, then you can use the artist rated watercolors. There are various kinds of colors of watercolors, the transparent, semi-transparent, opaque and neutral.


Choosing the right brushes for watercolor painting is essential other sorts of brushes may spoil the watercolor paper thus making your work unsuccessful. In purchasing, brushes make sure that the hairs will not lose. There are various kinds of brushes, flats, round bristles, and filbert brushes. A flat brush is often long bristles, and it has a square end which is used for broad areas. The round bristles brush is pointed and used for adding details. And if you’re trying to find a brush well suited for creating shapes, filbert brushes is the one since it has an almond-shaped end. 

Watercolor Papers

Watercolor papers come from different kinds, the machine-made paper, rough paper, hot-pressed paper, as well as the cold-pressed paper. The difference between it is the texture and the grains. For starter, be sure to buy watercolor papers that happen to be acid-free. Acid-free paper can last for a long period than papers with an excessive amount of acid. As time goes by, papers with a lot of acids will change its color to yellow. And also, it is best to make use of 300gsm thick paper because the thin paper just like the 200gsm could cause a problem especially when you’re an amateur.


You also need to have pencils, eraser, tissue paper or old towels and water. Just be sure that the materials come in high quality.

The cake and pan, flat plates and covered plastic palette are classified as the three types of palettes. The cake and pan have a built-in fold-out palette. The flat plates are often used for tube watercolors. And if you’re in saving mode, covered plastic palettes are perfect for you because it will not waste a lot of watercolors. 

Strategies to develop your watercolor painting skills

First, set a thin wash, this will serve as the background of your painting. You may use one color or one tone. This will likely create an impression on your painting. Second, it is advisable to apply a lighter wash first and slowly do darker washes. Make certain that the first color is already dry before applying the second color. Next, for starters, limit yourself on using only two or three colors at a time. Add the more intense color for later. Then, create an object to be the center of attraction in your painting but never put it on the center rather set it slightly off-center and then highlight this object.

Finally and most importantly, always trust yourself. Learning how to start to paint with watercolors may be difficult at first but never doubt your capabilities. Everyone has a hidden artistic self so let it out. It is important to have a basis to start with but when you have started painting, allow it to flow on its own and do not get too anxious as to what would be the outcome. Many artists create masterpieces in the most anticipated way.