6 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

6 Tips To Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

From laying sod to pulling weeds, there is a lot to do in the early spring to prepare your garden for the season. It may still be too cold to plant anything, although you may be able to start some seedlings inside, but there are things you can start doing outside so that you’re ready when the weather finally warms up.

1. Lay Sod

The best time for residential sodding Memphis TN is in either the early fall or early spring. Be sure to prepare the soil first so the grass will grow in. A soil test will inform you whether you have to adjust the pH level.

2. Remove Winter Protection

During the winter, some of your landscape plants may have needed barriers and wraps for protection. However, once the weather warms up to the point that frost is no longer a threat, you can remove these.

3. Rake Remaining Leaves

Matted leaves on the lawn can prevent grass from growing. You should rake these early in the spring so that the sunlight can reach the plants underneath.

4. Inspect for Winter Damage

Heavy snow, wind, and freezing can all damage branches on trees and shrubs. Inspect for any signs of damage and prune any dead or broken branches that you find.

5. Take Care of Perennials

Many gardeners cut back dead perennial leaves in the fall. If you did not already do this, now is the time to take care of it before the new growth starts. This is also a good time to divide your perennials so that they retain their health and shape. After replanting the divided perennials, finish off by adding mulch and watering.

6. Fertilize the Beds

Plants need nutrients from the soil in order to grow. Research the type of plants you have and choose granular fertilizer to meet their needs. Don’t neglect the trees and shrubs.

Paying attention to these steps now helps to ensure a beautiful and productive garden come summer.

Jackson Peters

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