Cane furniture is ideal for a child’s playroom

Cane furniture is ideal for a child’s playroom

When deciding to furnish a child’s playroom you do not want to purchase items of furniture that are not going to be suitable in a few years time.

Cane furniture is a cost effective, natural product that can be placed in any room in the house, ideal for a playroom.

Revamping a room from scratch and using colour as a main feature will inspire your child as he or she grows into a young toddler.

The choice in colour is immense; you could go for the fruity colours such as apple green, mango, limes or maybe pink or banana yellow. However check the label on your tin of paint, as you need to make sure that any paint you use would not be harmful in any way to your child.

Why not use a different colour for each wall and on one wall paint your child’s name on it in capitals?

If your child’s age is pre nursery school you could use some child size furnishings to create things such as a kitchen, or a wheelbarrow that could hold all of your son’s toys. The only limit to your child’s bedroom is your own imagination and inspiration.

Adding pieces of adult cane furniture is useful in a child’s playroom; for example a cane sofa and matching chair can be used for story time, and you may want to add a set of drawers in cane.

To compliment your playroom colourful décor why not place cushions of the same colour on your cane furniture?

Furniture that is cost effective and lasts for many years will be fashionable for years to com, and cane furniture is a product that fits into this category.

If you have existing cane conservatory furniture in your home, you could use the sofa in the playroom and place a chair in a bedroom, which would be a fantastic excuse to treat yourself to some new conservatory furniture.

At 1st For Cane we have wide range of Cane furniture in various designs available for you to choose online.

Jackson Peters

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