3 Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

3 Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

Job security is something most everyone strives for. With the rising cost of higher education and the fear of looming student loans, the dream of a high-paying, successful career that will carry a person through to retirement can seem a distant, if not impossible, goal. College, however, is not the only path to a worthwhile profession. Here are three jobs a person can do with only a high-school diploma and a dose of good work ethic. 

1. Plumber 

For as long as humans continue to use toilets and sinks, plumbers will always have work to do. Of course, plumbers do much more than unclog drains for frustrated homeowners. They also work with construction projects, both in plumbing a new structure and in designing blueprints that make sure water lines are properly run to any building. Most plumbers go through a training apprenticeship and some states require a licensing exam but no college degree is needed. So, grab a hand swagerand your tool belt and try this always-relevant career. 

2. Web Developer 

Many people think that to work with computers you need a computer science degree or years of computer classes. Developers need only learn the programming languages and skills necessary to do the work. For back-end programming, learning the Java, Python, or Ruby programming languages will allow a person to find consistent work. For front-end programming, try learning HTML5, JavaScript, or PHP. 

3. Truck Driver 

This job can be done with minimal training, which is often provided by the hiring transportation company. Once a person has completed the training and ride-along period, they are able to work. This is the perfect position for a person who doesn’t mind long hours on the road. 

Finding the perfect career doesn’t always mean four or more years of college and 20 years of paying off student loans. There are many stable positions available for those willing to put the hard work into them. 

Jackson Peters

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