5 Simple Renovations for Your Home

5 Simple Renovations for Your Home

Homes can wear out, and colors can fade after only a year or two of occupancy. Homeowners can also discover the quirks of their houses and want some much-needed changes. Whether you have a shoestring budget or are renovating your home to sell, there are some simple, budget-friendly tips you can try that will bring significant results.

1. Fixtures

If you want to update a room quickly, look around at the visible handles or drawer pulls. Measure the hole width of the original pulls or handles and then locate some with the same size holes. If the knobs have different hole dimensions, ask for help drilling new holes. A few new handles can spice up a room.

2. Painting

When you want an instant change in the whole room, try painting. You can turn a drab-looking room into a colorful and relaxing retreat with a few cans of paint. Don’t forget your front door or the kitchen cupboards. With a coat of paint, both can have an exciting new life. If you don’t have time to paint, call professional painting services Lutherville-Timonium to get the job done right.

3. Lights

If you have a strict budget, don’t worry because lights can help you transform a dark room, and it won’t break the bank. You can purchase a standing lamp to light a dreary corner or place a reading lamp near a comfortable chair. For those that want major renovations, try under-cabinet lighting, chandeliers, or outdoor lanterns.

4. Caulking

Updating bathrooms can be expensive, so try caulking to make some minor changes that can dramatically alter the look of any bathing area. Whether you have a built-in surround or tile enclosure, changing the color of the caulk will make a difference.

5. Plants

Adding splashes of green or flowering plants around your home can change the whole look of every room. The plants will also keep your home free of harmful gasses such as formaldehyde.

When you want to renovate your home, start with one of the five ideas listed here. Even one simple change may surprise you.

Jackson Peters

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