4 Ways To Reduce Your Home’s Exposure to Water Damage

4 Ways To Reduce Your Home’s Exposure to Water Damage

Leaks, clogs and floods leave your home exposed to excess water, which could saturate your walls, floors and ceilings. Why is this a concern? Water is good for humans to drink, but it could lead to rotted materials and organism growth in a house. These conditions are hazardous and costly to fix, especially when not caught early. To avoid problems, homeowners may be able to minimize water intrusion. But when these efforts fail, you need to have a safety net in place such as condo HO6 insurance in Florida – Kin Insurance. The following are four ways to mitigate possible trouble.

1. Regular Inspections

Like you have well visits with your doctor, your home also requires regular attention. Schedule annual maintenance checks on all of your systems at least once a year. Plumbers may look over lines, looking for early signs of leaks or clogs. In addition, the HVAC system and appliances should be cleaned out and inspected for issues too.

2. Installing Impervious Layers

In areas prone to flooding, owners may be proactive about protecting the home’s structure. The basement is particularly vulnerable and may not be checked every day. Instead, look for places that could seal the area. Specialists in basement waterproofing Parma establish impervious barriers so that when sump pumps fail or floods occur, you may avoid potentially expensive repairs.

3. Run Dehumidifiers

If your home seems particularly humid, invest in dehumidifiers to run in areas of concern. These devices pull out the excess moisture from the air and walls. Also, you could place water absorbent products in closets or bathrooms where humidity is likely to be higher.

4. Add Water Detection Devices

Washing machines and dishwashers could overflow. Install leak detection devices to the units. These signal when water exposure occurs, allowing you to respond promptly.

If you notice stains or wet spots, contact professionals right away. In the meantime, give yourself a leg up by keeping an eye out for trouble. Work to mitigate water damage before it happens.

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