Caring For Your Concrete Pool

Caring For Your Concrete Pool

Routine maintenance can extend the lifespan of almost everything in life. Concrete pools are no exception. Regularly scheduled maintenance can help you enjoy your beautiful pool for years to come. Keep reading for information on what maintenance to perform. 

1. Keep the Concrete Smooth

Keeping the concrete in your pool smooth will help keep your feet cut-free. If you are dealing with rough concrete, look into concrete services near me for professionals to help you care for your pool properly. 

2. Skim the Pool

Skim the top of your pool using a long-handled skimmer to keep debris to a minimum. Leaves, insects and dirt accumulate in all pools, so do your best to keep them from getting too burdensome by frequently skimming. 

3. Brush and Vacuum the Pool

Brush the walls and bottom of your pool to break up algae and other residues. Use a circular motion as you brush the surfaces of the pool. After you have sufficiently brushed, it is important to vacuum up the residue that you removed from the surface. This will keep your water looking as clear as possible. You should complete these tasks at least weekly for optimal cleanliness.

4. Balance the pH

Keeping the pH level in the proper range will keep the water in your pool clear and keep it healthy for you and your guests. Ideal pH levels are between 7.2 and 7.6. If the level drops too low, the water will become acidic and could corrode the concrete when left untreated.

5. Treat it with Chemicals

Use algaecide and chlorine to keep your water at the proper pH level and your water sparkling.

6. Run the Filter

To keep water circulating properly, run your pool’s filter for around eight hours daily.

Concrete pools were built to last, so follow the instructions laid out above and enjoy yours with family and friends.

Jackson Peters

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