What Does Annual Pond Maintenance Involve?

What Does Annual Pond Maintenance Involve?

Installing a pond on your property requires year-round maintenance to ensure it stays clean and healthy. Regardless of its size, your pond requires specific care each season to keep it at its best. 


Spring cleaning is essential for a healthy pond. Spring is the time to drain your pond and remove debris that falls into it following the winter. Before draining your pond, be sure to relocate koi fish. Professional servcies that perform annual pond maintenance Kent CT can trim vegetation, ensure a proper environment to support algae and fish and repair lights or pumps if necessary.

After a thorough cleaning, your pond is ready to refill with fresh water and receive fish. Adding pond netting will also protect the pond’s environment and keep predators out.


Summer is a great time to enjoy your pond, but you still need to practice basic upkeep, including cleaning the netting and feeding fish once daily. Also, avoid adding any chemicals or cleaning fluids to the water that will disrupt the delicate balance of the pond’s ecosystem. 


Ponds require special care during the winter months to ensure the health and safety of vegetation and fish. For example, netting should remain in place to protect fish when sparser plantings cannot conceal them from predators. In addition, freezing temperatures can cause a layer of ice to form on your pond’s surface and trap toxic gases below it. Switching off a pump and filter and other measures can prevent ice that breaks pipes or endangers fish.


It is adviseable to keep a net over a pond to catch falling leaves during the autumn. Otherwise, it is necessary to draw leaves out with a manual net to prevent their accumulation.  Autumn pond maintenance should also include trimming dead foliage that is unattractive and can sink to the bottom of the pond where it can remain until spring and overtax your filtration system.

With proper and consistent care, a landscape pond can add beauty and value to your property. 

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