3 Great Landscape Design Tips To Add Beauty to Your Yard

3 Great Landscape Design Tips To Add Beauty to Your Yard

Looking to make your yard more beautiful, but don’t have a green thumb? Luckily, you don’t need to be a professional landscape designer to have an attractive yard. Here are three things to do to enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

1. Plant a Floral Border

Instantly dress up your property lines by planting a floral border. Before you plant anything, take some time to improve the soil and make it hospitable for healthy growth. Incorporate a compost mixture and use a general fertilizer to prime the soil. If the soil is heavy and sticky, mix in a sprinkling of coarse sand to improve drainage so that the plants you place in the area never get overwatered. A variety of plants will do well when planted as part of a floral border, but be sure to place plants carefully according to where there are areas of shade on your property. After planting, cover any bare areas between the plants with a three-inch deep layer of mulch. Professional mulch delivery Cincinnati will provide you with natural mulch that will retain moisture and suppress weeds, allowing your flowering plants to thrive.

2. Enhance Your Lawn

A lawn is typically the major feature of any yard – it only makes sense that keeping it lush and green will enhance the overall appearance of your yard, and your property as a whole. Mow your grass regularly and use a half-moon edger to keep edges neat and tidy where they meet any areas of pavement. It’s also recommended that you aerate your lawn at least once every year. This will promote drainage, allowing high traffic areas to recover quickly and keep the grass dense.

3. Add Height

Give your landscaping an extra dimension by focusing on adding height to your garden. This can be done in a variety of ways, including installing window flower boxes or wall planters to lead your eye around your exterior walls through the use of color. A great way to emphasize height in a garden is to place a pergola or garden obelisk in your flower beds. Heavily plant these areas with a variety of climbing plants. It will take a little time for the plants to achieve full density, but once they do, you’ll enjoy the pleasing effect that a cascade of blooms can add to any landscape.

With a little special attention, your home’s landscaping can look better than ever. Follow these tips and you’ll watch your yard bloom with color and beauty.

Jackson Peters

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