Installing an Above Ground Pool

Installing an Above Ground Pool

With the hot summer months here, you want to install a pool to keep you and your family cool while you are outside. While there are many options to consider, getting once that is above the ground will be easy and quick to assemble while keeping much of your yard intact. Here are a few steps to get your pool ready to be enjoyed. 

Determine Where It Will Go

Keeping in mind the location of the elevated deck that will go with it, evaluate your backyard and decide where you want the pool to go. Once you have determined a spot, push a marker into the soil then measure out to the furthest measurement that your pool is. If you want a visual of where it will be located, attach a string to your marker, stretch it to the diameter indicated on the packaging, then mark the ground as you tug it and walk around in the circle. Remove the grass in the circle if you are content that this place will work.

Prepare the Space

Smooth a layer of fine sand across the soil where you will place the pool and ensure that the land is even. If there is a slope, you might have to add dirt to even it out. This is also a good time to dig holes for the deck if you plan to construct that as well. Purchase blocks to lay around the outer edge of the structure to keep it steady and to make it look nice. Set those around the circle of sand. 

Construct the Pool

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, build the pool on the place where you laid the sand. Start with the outer skeleton by attaching the pieces to each other as indicated. You will want to have tools on hand to help you accomplish this as well as a partner to hold the sections together as you fasten them. Once the framework is complete, assemble the walls around it and add the floor. 

Add the Liner

Set the box the liner is in in the center of the completed pool then open it. Spread it out to the edges the best that you can. Be sure to keep the box inside your house to prevent it from getting too hot or cold. Take off your shoes to keep from puncturing the liner. Line up the center seam per the instructions then loop the liner over the sides or adhere it where indicated.

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