How To Know When You Need To Dredge Your Pond

How To Know When You Need To Dredge Your Pond

A pond or lake has a limited lifespan, even when properly maintained. The buildup of debris on the bottom of your pond and the layers of decomposed matter can cause an imbalance in your ecosystem and lead to the excessive growth of harmful aquatic plants. To get your pond back to health, dredging may be necessary.

What Is Dredging?

Dredging is the process of removing several feet of sediment, or muck, from the bottom of a water body. You will need to hire lake management services Sarasota County FL, who will have the proper knowledge and equipment to perform this service. A small boat will have a vacuum-like attachment to drag along the bottom of your pond, which collects the muck and deposits it into bags along the shoreline. This sediment can be used as a fertilizer in your garden if you have one.

When To Dredge

Organic debris, such as leaves, twigs and branches, builds up over time in a pond. Dredging may need to occur once a year to achieve a balanced pond environment. You will know it’s time to dredge when you notice an increase in algae, a more visible shoreline and a decrease in wildlife. Unhealthy ponds may look muddy, have excessive plant growth and have bad odors.

After Dredging

After your pond is dredged you will need to continue to maintain the amount of debris that accumulates in your water. Regular removal of natural debris and additions of healthy plant life and fish can increase the activity in your habitat, which can help keep the area healthy and thriving. Add an aeration system to provide adequate amounts of oxygen to the water.

Maintaining your pond takes time and patience, but a healthy pond can provide a fantastic place for recreation on your property and create an amazing natural wildlife habitat.

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