3 Easy Ways To Make Your Landscaping Pop This Season

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Landscaping Pop This Season

When the warmer months are on the horizon and it becomes more pleasant to spend time outside, you are probably thinking about ways to improve your yard and outdoor aesthetic. Here are some easy things to try if you feel like your landscaping is dull and in need of some sprucing. 

Spread New Mulch

This may seem silly, but you’ll be surprised by how much a bed of fresh, new mulch can liven your garden up. Rake all of the old, faded mulch away and do some lawn edging Lake Stevens WA to add a tidy barrier to your garden that will make it pop. Mulch areas around trees as well, even if you don’t intend on planting flowers, for a cohesive look.

Install Lighting

Install lighting around walkways or even shine some uplighting on your favorite tree or accent piece in your yard. Ensure that you choose safe lighting for the area and don’t pick any bulbs that are so bright that they will be a nuisance for neighbors. If you don’t want your electric bill to go up, consider solar lights that “charge” with the sun during the day and glow at night.

Care for Your Lawn

If lawn care is not your thing, hire a company to handle regular cuttings as well as weed treatments. An unkempt lawn is uninviting (and sometimes disconcerting) to guests, and can also be a health and safety hazard. Ticks, mosquitos, and many other disease-carrying creatures live in long, overgrown grasses, so ensure that your lawn is always at an appropriate length. Some HOAs also require regular lawn maintenance, so be sure to follow any guidelines specified.

Creating an inviting outdoor area does not need to be challenging. Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a yard you can take pride in.

Jackson Peters

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