Top Garage Maintenance Tips

Top Garage Maintenance Tips

There are many businesses and jobs that involve working in a garage. From working as a mechanic to storing items, garages can be used for just about anything. For this reason, it’s important for business owners and employees to know some of the best ways to maintain a garage and keep it as safe as a working environment as possible.

Lubricate Garage Door-Openers

When it comes to using a garage, having a large door for fitting cars and other large objects is a must! However, these doors can sometimes be difficult to open, either manually or with an automatic door opener. This is usually the case when the door is old.

One of the easiest ways to help a garage door to open more easily is to lubricate the door hinges. By doing this, the door will slide open more easily. This works for both automatically opening doors (that open using a remote) or doors that open manually. 

Epoxy Concrete/Cement Flooring

Another way to make a garage workspace safer is to cover the floor with epoxy. The best floors to epoxy are those made from concrete/cement. The epoxy covering will not hurt these floors, but instead work to reinforce them and make them both look better and be less prone to cracking, which can prevent employees from tripping over the cracks or losing small items in them. 

How much does it cost to epoxy floor? That depends on several factors, including what epoxy brand is used, how large the floor is that needs to be epoxied, and how damaged the floor is (more damaged floors may require more epoxy than newer floors). Depending on all of these factors, the cost of covering a garage floor could range anywhere between $750-6,000.

Add Insulation

One way to make a garage more comfortable to work in is to add insulation to the walls. This will help to keep the garage warmer in the winter, which can help to save on heating costs. Also, make sure to insulate the garage door. This can prevent heat from escaping!

There are a variety of types of insulation buyers can choose from. These include fiberglass, cellulose, rigid foam, and spray foam. All of these types of insulation work great in the walls of any garage. 

All of the ideas listed here can either help to make the garage a safer or easier place to work in. Customers and employees are sure to enjoy any and all of these garage maintenance updates. 

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