Top Signs You Need New Brakes on Your Car

Top Signs You Need New Brakes on Your Car

Brakes are an essential component of your vehicle. Without them, your car won’t stop as it should often resulting in an accident. When brakes begin to fail, they point you to several key signs. Ignoring these signs can spell disaster. Here’s what to know you need new brakes.

Soft Brake Pedal

When the brake pedal goes soft or all the way to the floor, that is a huge sign the brakes are failing. Seek brake repair Alexandria VA as soon as possible to figure out the cause. Sometimes it can be an issue with the brake fluid in the lines. Air in the brake lines can cause lower pressure resulting in the brake pedal not operating as intended.

ABS Warning Light

Much like you get a warning light when something is wrong with the engine or run low on fuel, the antilock brake system has one too. The ABS light indicates there is an issue with your antilock brakes.

Loud Stopping Noises

The brakes should not squeak or screech when you push the brake pedal to stop. These metal-on-metal sounds often indicate the pad has worn through and is now rubbing on the rotor. The longer you wait to take care of the problem, the higher it costs to replace it. You could face not only replacing worn brake pads, but also the rotors and even the calipers if you wait too long.

Pulsing When Stopping

The brake pedal should not pulse or throb when you go to stop. A warped rotor or brake drum can cause the brake to pulse around hot spots. Sometimes the rotor or drum can be re-machined, but often they need replacement.

Increased Stopping Distance

When your brakes are brand-new and fully operational, the vehicle can stop on a dime. As the pads become worn, the stopping distance or time can increase. If you are not prepared for your brakes to need more time or distance, you can end up hitting another vehicle or object. When the brakes need longer to stop, it is time to have your brake pads looked at.

Experience Brake Grabbing

When the vehicle suddenly pulls to one side as you stop, the brakes could be failing. Known as “grabbing,” the brakes may be failing only on one side causing the pulling of the car. There are a number of reasons for these brake failures. Have the brakes looked at as you notice any of these common signs of failure. The more you use the brakes, the faster you need to replace them.

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