3 Ways To Upgrade Your Garage

3 Ways To Upgrade Your Garage

Aside from just a place to keep your car, the garage can be a great multi-purpose space for storage, carpentry, fitness equipment and even hobbies such as homebrewing. Depending on your personal needs, here are three ways to make the most of your garage.

1. Do Some Basic Cleaning

Before anything else, perform some basic cleaning on your garage such as sweeping the floors, clearing out cobwebs and checking for animals such as bats that might have made themselves at home in the corners of your garage. Also take some time to clean out items that you no longer use and either throw them out, recycle them or consider donating them if they are still in good condition. 

2. Install a Pegboard

If you ever need to invest in garage door repair Denton TX, consider it a good opportunity to enhance the walls. Installing a pegboard on the garage wall is a good option for hanging tools and gardening equipment. In addition to saving table and shelf space, hanging items makes them easy to find and appear uncluttered. Placing rakes and shovels on the wall is more aesthetically pleasing and less frustrating than propping them up against the wall in a random location. If a pegboard is not quite your style, a slatwall can be similarly used to organize and store equipment.

3. Create a Gardening Station 

Keep all your pots, gardening tools and bags of soil in one place with a table and some shelves in a small section of the garage. A garage is an ideal place to maintain and repot plants since it prevents getting the inside of the house dirty but keeps you and your plants out of cold or rainy weather. Just keep in mind that most plants will need to return to sunshine once you are finished working with them in the garage. 

These are three ways to give your garage new life. 

Jackson Peters

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