3 She Shed Design Ideas For The Perfect Sanctuary

3 She Shed Design Ideas For The Perfect Sanctuary

Are you looking to create an oasis of your own? If so, the she shed trend has got you covered. These small getaways are the perfect way to create a spot just for you. No matter your interests, you can design a space to suit your needs.

The Worker

Working from home can be very rewarding. However, without a dedicated space, it has unique challenges. Skip the difficulty of trying to balance work and home, and build yourself a shed office. As you start to bring your dream office to life, work with your electrical contractor Philadelphia PA to help ensure that you meet your electrical needs. As you finish up your design, consider adding plants or other natural elements for a warming touch to your space.

The Entertainer

Sometimes it’s not about getting away, so much as it is having a space to go. If your goal is to have somewhere to gather friends and loved ones, consider creating yourself she shed bar for the ultimate home entertaining design. These spaces can be entirely indoors, or you can incorporate a patio design to create your own backyard entertainment area. Stock up the bar with your favorite beverages and bartending tools, so your shed is a one-stop-shop for you.

The Yogi

Getting away does not mean you have to go far. These sheds are designed to give you an at-home oasis, including what is lovingly referred to as Zen dens. These small spaces are perfect for those looking to meditate, practice yoga or otherwise relax. As you design one for yourself, be sure to include an open design plan to allow you the space you need to get away from it all.

Everyone deserves a break, and that includes you. Whether you are creating your office, a place for friends or a space to get away, there is a design right for you.

Jackson Peters

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