Why To Choose a Bronze Door

Why To Choose a Bronze Door

For hundreds of years, doors have been crafted from steel and bronze. Many historic buildings have metal doors. However, many modern facilities have used aluminum or fiberglass because they are cheaper. If you are thinking about installing bronze doors in your home, here are a few reasons why you should go through with this plan. 


Bronze has been the metal of choice for many prestigious historic buildings. Not only is it pretty, but it comes with an unmatched strength against impact and corrosion. This strength is why you should consider installing bronze doors New York


Elegant is a common word used to describe bronze doors. Despite their epic strength, they can appear graceful with clean lines. The result is a timeless appearance that can work for any home. 


As mentioned, this material is incredibly strong. That means it can be crafted into any size and expected to last. 


If there’s glass on your door, it’s important to think about what material will give you an uninterrupted sightline. The ability to make minuscule bronze muntins for your door’s glass means that you’ll have a greater field of vision than with other materials. 

Design Flexibility

Each house has its own unique aesthetic. Fortunately, bronze doors can be matched to almost any building. They can come in almost any style imaginable. Plus, you can find them in a variety of finishes so you can get the one that best matches your home. 

Monumental Doors

As noted, bronze doors can be crafted in any size and still be stronger than any other materials. That means it is the best option when you need monumental doors that meet specific load requirements. You can even count on them to pass inspections for the strictest of building codes. 

Historic Buildings

Many historic buildings come equipped with bronze doors that you may need to replace. Fortunately, bronze doors are available custom-made to any building so you can get an exact replica of what you need. Plus, you can equip them with modern conveniences to increase energy efficiency. 


Bronze doors will last longer than any other materials. In fact, some bronze doors can last for centuries, as seen on The Bronze Doors of the Supreme Court. Compared to the shorter life cycles of other materials, this longevity makes bronze a better investment for your wallet and the environment. 

At the end of the day, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider choosing bronze doors. For starters, they are visually appealing. Aside from this, they are incredibly strong and can outlast any other materials. These factors and more make them the best choice. 

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