Using Dock Stairs For Various Purposes

Using Dock Stairs For Various Purposes

When choosing a dock staircase, there are a few essential features to consider. Floating docks and slant staircases are available, but a straight ladder is also an option. The most crucial factor is going for galvanized steel or a straight ladder. Read on to learn more about these features and how they benefit you. After reading this article, you should be more knowledgeable about dock stairs. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a pro, a dock staircase option is available for your needs.

Straight Ladders

A dock stair is a convenient way to access a dock or other surface. These ladders can be either swing-up or bolted to the dock. The rungs of the Straight Dock Ladder have a non-skid foot texture and are made of marine-grade aluminum pipe. Straight dock ladders are available in five and six-step models. The Standard 2″ depth ladder has four steps, while Wide-style rungs are 4″ deep with slightly rounded edges. They are designed to fit the dimensions of a deck space of approximately 24.5″ x 8.5″

If space is a problem, consider using a finger pier ladder, which takes up minimal space. Narrow piers present problems with access, supplies, and safety equipment. When a dock is packed with people, it becomes difficult to use safety equipment and increases the risk of injury. In such circumstances, a straight pier ladder can provide a safe and convenient way to enter and exit the water. Choosing a ladder that fits within your dock’s space is important.

Spiral Staircases

Spiral stairs can be used for several purposes, including dock stairs. These stairs have a narrow diameter and can have high rises. They may be designed to include no or minimal perimeter support and may not have a center pole. The name “spiral” refers to a mathematical spiral symmetrically arranged in a plane and moving toward a central point. The presence of a central pole does not change the terminology of spiral staircases.

A spiral stair is steeper than a standard stair and unsuitable for anyone with mobility problems. Spiral stairs should be professionally installed. To get a free quote, contact Maryland Iron. They can provide custom design options to meet any of your needs. They also come in various materials and can be installed in multiple locations, including a hole in the floor. A spiral stair will be especially effective in a beachfront or rustic cabin.

Floating Docks

If you want to use a floating dock for stairs, consider a few design elements first. Aside from the stairs themselves, floating docks may also have a ramp. The design of the ramp and stairs should be compatible with local building codes and the safety requirements for landings. You may also consider using a ramp or gangway to access the dock. Here are some tips for designing floating dock stairs.

Choosing the right kind of floating dock is essential. There are many different types and styles of floating docks, but you must consider your needs and the size of your boat to determine which type is best for you. You’ll want to select a port with sufficient space for steps and benches, as well as a space for storage. If you’re building a dock for recreational purposes, you’ll want extra storage space, benches, and a ladder.

Galvanized Steel

A recently installed pair of galvanized steel dock stairs on a shipyard’s access stair was in dire need of repair. Not only did the stairway look dingy, but the stairs also had better days from a maintenance point of view. Though the enamel paint on the stair treads was still intact, the edges of the painted stair tread nosings had rusted away, and the stringers and support columns were rusty and crumbling.

The zinc coating on galvanized steel corrodes when scratched, exposing the base metal beneath. This leads to rusting of the steel. This is especially troublesome in snowy regions, where the melting ice can eat away at the zinc coating. Aluminum, on the other hand, requires less maintenance. But if you want your dock stairs to last, opt for galvanized steel. It has a higher cost but lasts longer and is maintenance-free.

Aluminum Loading Dock Stairs

Aside from their strength and durability, aluminum loading dock stairs also offer improved safety for workers. Even in wet conditions, these stairs can withstand heavy loads. They also provide an extra level of confidence for workers and visitors alike. So whether you’re loading or unloading a truck, aluminum loading dock stairs are the perfect solution. Compared to galvanized steel, aluminum loading dock stairs are lighter and more durable. This makes them much more comfortable for foot traffic and prevents algae from growing on them. Although aluminum loading dock stairs cost more upfront, they’ll continue to last much longer. Aluminum loading dock stairs will also incur fewer maintenance costs than galvanized steel, which means a more affordable investment in the long run. Consult a professional for recommendations if you’re considering an aluminum or steel loading dock stair.

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