Tips for Choosing a Gun Scope

Tips for Choosing a Gun Scope

Riflescopes are gaining in popularity and more varieties are becoming available. These gun additions can help with accuracy in conditions of longer range or lower lighting, ensuring that you are hitting where you intend while hunting, but they can be confusing to choose from and get the right one for your needs.

All-In-One Scope

Some hunters will choose to get their rangefinders and scopes separately for more control over the brands and models, but many will choose to go with an all-in-one scope for easier mounting and fewer attachments. A scope magnifies the target, giving you a better picture of where you are aiming for a cleaner shot and a rangefinder can quickly tell you the distance to the target. Campers, hikers and hunters will use rangefinders to gauge distance to prey and landmarks. You can work with a gun scope with rangefinder Canada company to see which ones are available and what the characteristics are before purchasing one.

Added Weight

It is important to keep in mind that a scope will add weight to your rifle and an all-in-one scope will add even more weight. This can affect the type of case you have for your rifle as well as how far you can carry it and what kind of accuracy you can get from a shot. The wider the tube diameter of your scope, the better it can handle varying levels of light, but the heavier it will be. For those doing a lot of hiking and rifle carrying, a smaller and lighter scope might be a better option.

Adjustment Types

There are many ways to adjust a scope and some models have more adjustment options than others. These options are great if you know how to use them properly but can lead to poor scope performance if messed with too much. It is a good idea to sight your scope and rifle at a shooting range when possible and to research the different adjustments your model offers before heading out. This can help you make sure that it is mounted properly for the adjustments you need and that you know which settings and fasteners are causing which visual effect.

The right scope can help you achieve better rifle accuracy and sometimes even help you gauge the range to your target or to familiar landmarks while hunting or camping. Buying the right scope for your needs can mean researching various makes and models as well as learning how to properly adjust the unit and how heavy your rifle can be without affecting mobility needs.

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