Celebrating Mother’s Day in Virginia Beach

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Virginia Beach

Mothers are incredible human beings who provide unwavering support and love for the people in their lives. It’s only right that they get a day of celebration. Here are some ideas for doing something special in the Virginia Beach area with the maternal figure that you love.


Mothers deserve to be pampered on Mother’s Day- otherwise, what’s the point? There’s no better place to do that than at a spa. There are plenty of places to choose from in the area, from massage parlors in Virginia Beach to spa treatments Norfolk VA. Be sure to make a day of it. If you can, join her and bask in this day of motherly love with cucumbers on your eyes. Use all this relaxation to prepare her for another year of being a wonderful mother.


Especially if your mom usually does all the cooking for the family, being taken out for a nice meal can be a welcome break. Brunch is perfect for celebrating, as it’s a long and luxurious combination of two meals. Virginia Beach offers plenty of waterfront dining so you can sip your mimosas with a view. Some recommended spots are Bay Local Eatery, Java Surf Cafe and Espresso Bar and Doc Taylor’s. Don’t forget to pick up the bill at the end.


If you’re looking for a quiet outing, a walk on the beach is perfect for reminiscing, catching up on each other’s lives or sharing companionable silence. Take the time to soak in what the day means, and take advantage of the beautiful coastal area that you are in. Keep in mind that sunrise or sunset creates exceptional views. This is a good option if you don’t have room in the budget for more expensive gifts or trips.

Whether you are related by blood or something stronger, take the time to plan a little something to tell your mother that you love her. There’s no shortage of opportunities in the Virginia Beach area for celebrating.

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