3 Potential Real Estate Career Paths

3 Potential Real Estate Career Paths

If you’re interested in a career in real estate but don’t really see yourself trying to sell homes for a profit, you may benefit from investigating other career options in the field of real estate. If you’re a detail-oriented person a little on the introverted side, here are three potential career paths that might be a better fit. 

Home Appraisor 

One essential part of the home buying and selling process is the appraisal. Search for certified appraisal license courses to get the training you need to appraise houses, and you’ll get to experience all the benefits of looking over new homes every day without the hassle of haggling over price or networking with clients. In addition, you’ll have a skill that will help you see the true value of potential homes as a personal home buyer. It’s also an excellent skill to have if you choose to pursue the entrepreneurial enterprise of house-flipping. 

Closing Attorney

If you have a background in law or are interested in working towards a lucrative career, and you don’t mind investing in a significant amount of education, looking into becoming a closing attorney might be for you. Closing attorneys play an integral role in a smooth transition from a seller to a buyer, and working for a real estate law firm is a great way to interact with people on a regular basis without the sales aspect. 

Home Inspector

If your personality is more hands-on, another potential career that would allow you to see the inside of all kinds of homes is that of a home inspector. If you have an interest or background in engineering or construction, this career path might fit you exceptionally well. Keep in mind, a key aspect of this job is great attention to detail and a willingness to go into dark corners and dirty crawl spaces to dig up the truth about the homes you’re inspecting. 

When it comes to your career path, it should be something that excites you and keeps you going even on the hard days. For someone interested in a career adjacent to real estate, these are some great options that will always have a market demand. Take a look at these job descriptions and any others you may come across, and you’re sure to find your place in the home buying marketplace even if you dread the thought of living on commission based on flaky clients. 

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