Supplies to Check for Before a Renovation

Supplies to Check for Before a Renovation

When beginning a new renovation project, it’s tempting to go to the store and buy everything new. However, if you complete a lot of projects, you probably have many leftover materials. Check your storage for these supplies before you buy them again.


Most companies sell nails in bulk boxes of a hundred or more. While most carpentry projects require nails, they usually do not need that many. Check that the size is correct for the project that you are completing. Ensure that the storage area is not wet and that the box is fully closed so that your nails do not rust.


Paint often comes in large cans filled by a pail filling machine. You may have used the majority of a can to paint a room, but there is probably a little left in the bottom. You may also have bought extra, so you may have unused cans lying around. Consider planning a creative renovation that uses up all of your extra paint. However, if you have children or pets, do make sure that the lids are on tightly since paint is poisonous.


Spackle helps to repair holes in walls left by nails or accidents. It is essential for a complete remodeling of a room, but you generally only use a small amount at a time. As long as you leave the lid on firmly, spackle will stay wet for a long time.

Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are essential for preventing paint or other stain-causing substances from getting on your floor and furniture. They can be made of cloth or flexible plastic, and they can be reused until holes develop in them.

Before heading to the store, shop your own closet for these necessary supplies. You’ll get a better idea of what you actually need and you’ll be more confident as you purchase it.

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