Best Places To Use LEDs

Best Places To Use LEDs

Thomas Edison probably never imagined that lighting would change so much over the years. From that very first light bulb to the CFLs and LED lights that we use today, there have been many changes to the way we view light. Applications are many and varied.

Lighting Your Home

Obviously, LED lights are designed to give light throughout the home. You can also use them outside to provide full landscape lighting or ambient lighting wherever you need it. The types of bulbs are practically unlimited, so you can find the look you want for any room. You can even select Edison lights that look like the originals but use much less energy. Saving money on energy is one of the main reasons people have switched to LED lighting.


Many gadgets use LED technology for backlighting. Whether it is your television or smartphone, it makes a big difference in energy usage and being able to enjoy using your devices. Because printed circuit boards that have been designed using a pick and place system can help with the heat transfer, items that use LED lighting can be smaller and use less energy. If you have a backlight keyboard or if your startup button on your computer tower has a light, those are likely LED lights as well.


Remember neon lighting? While that may still be popular in places like Las Vegas, most companies have switched to LEDs to light up their signs near their stores. Billboards are also switching to this type of lighting to get longer-lasting light and save on energy costs at the same time.


The last time you got in your car, did you think anything about the display on the dashboard? Probably not, unless it wasn’t working. People rely more than they think on the lighting provided in the interior of their cars. In addition to interior lighting, LEDs are often used in brake lights and headlights.

Medical Devices

Medical devices have benefitted greatly from the use of LED lights because not only do they give off very little heat, but they can also be very bright. With the use of small cameras and other devices, this can help surgeons who perform delicate surgeries.

As you can see, LED lights are used for much more than just lighting up your kitchen. Nearly every device you use from your computer to your car employs LED lighting.

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