5 Tips for Blending Modern and Antique Styles

5 Tips for Blending Modern and Antique Styles

Do you love modern design but have some antique pieces that you want to display? Now you don’t have to choose between modern and antique styles of home décor. The eclectic style is very popular right now, and it involves the careful curation of decorative elements of different styles and from various eras to complement one another for a look that is ultimately harmonious.

It can be difficult to pull off an eclectic look successfully. When not executed carefully, it can just look like a jumble of garage sale items thrown together haphazardly. However, with a little thought and careful planning, it is possible to pull off the eclectic look.

1. Choose Pieces That Are Meaningful

A good thing about eclectic style is that it allows you to convey your own personal story. You can go shopping for a few pieces, like antique rugs Atlanta, that you think will fit well into the overall design scheme. However, most of the pieces should have some special significance. Otherwise, you could end up with a room that looks not only shabby but soulless.

2. Create Contrast

Part of the appeal of mixed design styles in an eclectic décor is the intriguing contrasts you can create. These give your interior an individual sensibility that is interesting to observe. You should always look for ways that you can incorporate contrasts, like round and square or hard and soft, into your eclectic interior design.

3. Include Unifying Elements

Even when you are mixing different styles, there should be something that different pieces have in common: a particular color, a type of wood, a metal finish. Many of the materials used to make furniture in the past are still in use today, so this can be easier than you think.

4. Think Accessories

To avoid going overboard with the eclectic look, you can have one overall design scheme in one style and then accentuate it with accessories from another. For example, your interior design may be mostly modern but you incorporate a few antique pieces to add interest. This can be an effective way to display treasured family heirlooms without disrupting the overall attitude of the room.

5. Make the Old New

There may be ways for you to combine both the modern and antique in a single piece. For example, if you have a vintage chair, you can update it by reupholstering it with a modern fabric.

Perhaps the most important consideration when combining antique and modern styles is planning beforehand. Eclectic design is most effective when each piece is chosen carefully.

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