The Most Persistent Bug Threats for Homes

The Most Persistent Bug Threats for Homes

Your home is your sanctuary and you want to protect it from a whole litany of threats. Bad weather is certainly one of the dangers, as well as fire, vandalism and earthquakes. If you are not careful, a falling tree could crash into your home. Sometimes animals find a way to make it tough for homeowners by crawling into chimneys or burrowing under foundations. There are enough worries to keep you awake at night, even without thinking about the world of insects and other bugs. Nonetheless, a number of creeping pests pose a threat to the beauty and comfort of your home.


These creatures are common in many areas of the country and do widespread damage. They can be hard to detect and they fed on things your house is made of, such as wood and cellulose materials. If you find termites in your home it is time to call for termite treatments Fort Myers Fl. Signs of a termite infestation include swarming bugs outside your home in the spring, mud tubes on the exterior of the home and the blistering of wood n your home.


Ants are among the most common insect problems for homeowners. There are hundreds of different types of ants that can invade a home. Some are just annoying, while others do real harm to a home by creating large nests and consuming wood. It is important to know which type of ant is present, as treatment options are different for different species. Some ants can be controlled with nothing more than a simple ant trap that lures the bugs to their deaths. Others are best treated with sprays. In some cases, an ant problem can be solved by removing the food that attracts the pests to your home in the first place.  


This is one of the most persistent bug pests, especially in the south. Many cockroaches move in and out of the home, so they are more likely to be seen during certain times of the year. Some, though, such as the German cockroach, reside in a home full time. Pretty much most species of cockroaches are unpleasant to have in a home. They can transmit disease and they are a common source of allergies. They are fairly large for bugs and most people would agree that they are ugly. They have long antennae, spiky legs and a flattened body. As with other pests, a variety of treatment options exist, including sprays and traps.

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