Protect Your Commercial Roof and it Will Protect You

Protect Your Commercial Roof and it Will Protect You

You have worked hard to build and maintain a successful business. You have sorted out the tax situation, hired hard working staff and built or purchased a building that suits your purposes. There are many things that could go wrong with the roof and causing leaks or even structural failure. Make sure to check on the following periodically to ensure your building is safe and sound.

Water Leaks

Examine the roof to check for any leaks that could weaken the roof or allow water to seep through to ceilings or walls. Check around flashings, and vents to make sure they are properly sealed with liquid rubber or tar. Ensure that all shingles are fastened down so water won’t have any drawback. Rain gutters should be cleaned and free of debris that could divert rainwater from following the proper channel.


If you live in a climate where it snows for several months of the year, make sure your building has been suitably reinforced to handle a heavy snow load. Snow can weigh around 20 pounds per cubic foot. So for a 40 x 60 office or retail building, that is 16,000 pounds of snow built up on the roof. That is a dangerously heavy load and should be removed. Have a professional roof snow load measurement taken so you know if you should be concerned and have the snow eliminated from the building.


Bats, birds and insects can all cause weakness and damage to your commercial roof. Have a professional service come and inspect your roof for areas where these pests may enter and build nests or cause damage. Metal mesh can cover openings, some areas may need to be caulked, and still others may need to be boarded up to prevent entry.

Whatever the problem, proper care and maintenance can really help you have a roof that will go the distance and keep your investment and your employees safe. In this case an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure!

Jackson Peters

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