How You Know You Need a Plumber

How You Know You Need a Plumber

Homeowners should always have a reserve savings to help cover emergency repairs. Being prepared for something to break down can save you a lot of grief. While many issues can be costly, plumbing problems are definitely in the running for high price tags. Knowing what to look for can help you head off the problem and reduce the possible extra damage that can be caused if you wait to call a plumber.


Very few things are more disgusting than seeing sewer water backing up on your nice flooring. If you have water coming back up out of your drain, you need to call a 24/7 emergency plumbing Toronto service right away. Likely, the plumber will need to shut off the main valve in order to deal with the issue. The sooner you call, the less your floors will be damaged by the nasty water.

Gurgling Water

Perhaps your drains are not overflowing, but you realize that you hear gurgling from the toilet when you turn on the water for your shower. This is a precursor to an overflow because the system needs proper airflow to work correctly, and if it doesn’t get it, you get dumped on. Calling for help right away can mitigate the problem before any damage to your flooring occurs.

Burst Pipes

If you live in an area that has cold winters, you may experience a frozen water line that bursts. Rather than waiting until you have a swimming pool in the basement, call a professional right away so that less damage occurs. Replacing walls and flooring in addition to paying for the repair can hit your wallet hard, so the sooner you call the less it is likely to cost.

Rain Overflow

If your insulation isn’t the greatest, you may feel some dampness in your basement rooms. However, it may not be the rain at all. It is possible you have a slow leak in a pipe that runs through your walls. Plumbers have tools that can help them see the state of your pipes, even through the walls. Rather than just chalking it up to the weather, be sure to have a professional assessment done. If you have water in your walls, you may also have mold, which can be a major health issue.

When major plumbing issues occur, don’t try to see if you can do it yourself. Call a reputable plumbing company and let them handle things.

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